Shop Services

We offer the highest quality installations available, from intake swaps to complete turnkey builds. We have experience with nearly every manufacturer, and can recommend the products that have been proven safe and effective. Our extensive knowledge in every aspect of vehicle operation and performance is an invaluable asset to our customers, ensuring their time and money are spent effectively.  

Our services include the design and installation of fuel systems, cooling systems, transmission and driveline upgrades, installing and properly calibrating suspension components, and many more.  The fit and finish we provide is second to none, so you can feel confident that even the hidden components were given the utmost care and attention.


Engines & Forced Induction

Engine swaps, repairs, and builds are all available at Kinetik Motorsport.  We work with the leading machine shops in the industry, using the latest technology in cylinder sleeving, CNC porting, and computer controlled boring and honing machines. We take every meticulous step during engine assembly, ensuring the precise tolerances and clearances required to produce the power, reliability, and durability you're looking for in your engine are completely met.

When it's time to go forced induction, we have the expertise to put together a supercharger or turbocharger package that will work for you.  We've completed hundreds of twin screw and centrifugal supercharger installations, and we can design a custom turbo system that will take take your breath away in looks and performance.


Welding & Fabrication

We specialize in custom fabrication, including a variety of roll cages that range from a simple roll bar to pass tech at your weekend track, to SFI certified roll cages for vehicles running under 7 seconds in the quarter mile.  We offer mini-tubs, rear end narrowing, and full custom suspension setups without sacrificing the fit and finish of a factory vehicle.

Our welding department can produce the highest quality aluminum tanks and turbo piping, exhaust systems in stainless steel and titanium, and essentially any other metals you need stuck together.  And when the proper components aren't available, we will create them for you with our 3D CAD modeling and design services.


Electronics & Tuning

Proper design, installation, programming, and tuning of a vehicle's computer system is absolutely crucial to the performance and safety of the vehicle.  We specialize in and highly recommend MoTeC systems, including the M1 Series, Hundred Series, PDM, Logging Dashes and Displays, and i2 Data Acquisition and Analysis.  We also install and tune AEM standalone systems, and offer reflash tuning through HP Tuners.

We offer mil-spec harness design and construction, utilizing the latest wiring components the industry has to offer, such as Raychem/TE, Deutsch, Tefzel, and others.  Our harnesses are built to withstand all of the potential dirt, fuel, oils, vibrations, or electrical interference they will be subjected to during operation in street, racing, off-road, or military applications.


Dyno Services

Our in-house Dynojet 224xLC dyno offers the latest in diagnostic and tuning capabilities, including a load producing eddy brake, capable of simulating road/track conditions and allowing infinite flexibility during the tuning process.  Our dyno is capable of measuring HP/TQ, 2-channel AFR, MAP, Boost, as well as a variety of analog inputs that can be configured for any datalogging requirements.  

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